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We Design ..We Plant... We Take Care.. Of Your Garden .

GHARS Al Riyadh, a leading Saudi company specializing in garden services and facilities, development, maintenance and operation of its own, our journey began with the operation and maintenance of private gardens, and satisfied the market need for a modern and modern style. To create a new and distinct concept in agricultural services that keeps pace with future aspirations.

GHARS Al Riyadh Means  

ghars / what we  plant it in the ground by trees and plants

As for Riyadh: it is the city where the company was established and launched.

 It also means gathering a garden , which is the green land.

Working to improve the urban appearance, preserving natural resources, and contributing to vegetation cover.

We are proud of our values and principles derived from the principles of our true religion and our authentic heritage, which is reflected in our care for our customers and employees.

the quality of our services, we care about our society in education and learning, and we are keen on transparency and credibility


Our professional  cadres

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 skilled workers

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electronic services

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Best prices

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maintenance contracts guarantee

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Agricultural advice

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care for our customers

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