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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the users of the website. Accordingly, these terms and conditions were formed by a binding agreement between the first party, which is a user of the site, and the second party, which is the site ( When using the site, the first party agrees to be bound by these terms and any additions or modifications to them. Therefore, we kindly ask you to read these terms and conditions very carefully before using the site. We also draw your attention to the fact that these terms and conditions do not constitute undisclosed relationships between both the site and its users.
The user of this website is subject to the privacy policy. Therefore, we kindly ask you to carefully review the site's privacy policy before using it.

The provisions of the Privacy Policy shall be in effect and in the event of any conflict between each of the provisions that fall under these terms and the terms and conditions under the Privacy Policy.

These terms are valid for the user. This agreement guarantees the delivery of products or services through the Riyadh implant company, according to the payment method used to purchase the products or services. These terms are an agreement between both parties. In the event that the user of the site is located in any other countries, and the company will deliver any of the products or services to him directly.


The user of the website shall be deemed to be bound by these terms and conditions or any amendments made thereto from time to time without informing him at any time of using the website. In addition, if a particular service is used or accessed through the website, the user is subject to any applicable rules or guidelines for these services and will be indicated in the terms of this service Please read carefully the site privacy policy which is included under these terms and conditions

2. GHARS . Website Services

The GHARS store provides maintenance services for home gardens and periodic maintenance contracts. GHARS website reserves the right to modify or disable the provisions of the site and its services and delete user data temporarily or permanently at any time and without informing the user, and the site management disclaims responsibility for that. The site assumes no responsibility for the timeliness, data removal, non-storage, accuracy of information or improper delivery.

3. User Responsibility and Registration Obligations

The user must have a user account on the GHARS website when dealing with the website. In this case, valid data must be used - if a minimum age is required for the user's account - the user must be at least of the required age. Registering for a user account on the site constitutes a clear acceptance of the site's terms and conditions, including any modifications made by the site and posted here.

4. Privacy Policy

The registration data and other personal data obtained by the site are the terms of the privacy policy of GHARS

5. Registration and password

The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his password and any use of the user account or his user name, whether authorized by the user or without his permission, the user informs the site immediately upon unauthorized use of the account or his user name or password 

6. Product return or exchange policy

If the user is not satisfied with the purchase, please contact within a day of receiving the product, to arrange a refund or exchange. The safety of the products upon delivery is required, provided that they are in their original condition, unused or unaltered, in addition to preserving their integrity from any damage, and that their original tags and product packaging are attached together.

7. User behavior

The user or any person who manages his account is responsible for all data and information of any kind, whether text, software, code, music, sounds, images, graphics, videos or other materials and to make them publicly or privately available. The site may display inappropriate user content and the site is not responsible for any error or omission in the direction of the content displayed on its page

Use of the GHARS website or any of its services constitutes a clear agreement that:

- The user shall not add any content or act in a manner that is interpreted as illegal, illegal, threatening, harmful, abusive, terrorist, vulgar, offensive, pornographic or inappropriate, which may aim to interfere with the policy of the site or any of its services provided or Intended to harm or damage the programming routine, which may lead to civil and criminal liability, or a violation of applicable international, national or local laws.

- The user does not impersonate or misrepresent any personality or entity associated with it, and the user does not seek to hide or change the origin of any content he displays.

- The user does not collect the data of other users

- The user does not use the content or services of the site commercially or in any way through which junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any form of advertising or unannounced commerce is used. The site user does not promote or operate any service or content without the prior written consent of the site administration.

- The user undertakes not to provide any content that would expose the site to civil or criminal accountability or constitute a violation of any international, local or national laws. Including but not limited to copyright, trademark, patent or trade secret laws.

8. The content of the website

When adding content to the site, the following is required:

A- The user of the GHARS website grants the rights to display and publish to us only and we do not give anyone the right to use any images or content inside the website for external publication for his account, as we have full ownership rights to the GHARS trademark

B- The user undertakes his full legal and moral rights through which he can grant the site the mentioned license as described in clause 7.
9. Typos and misspellings:
Although GHARS strives to provide accurate products and pricing information, typographical errors or pricing errors are possible. The site administration cannot confirm the price of the product until after the user has requested it. In the event that the product is included in the incorrect price list or incorrect data due to an error in the pricing of the product or its data, then the site management has the freedom to act alone in rejecting or canceling any purchases that included that product. If the product price is not listed for a defect, the site administration has the freedom to act either by communicating with the user for clarification or canceling the user’s request and informing him of the process of canceling the purchase
10. Currency rates:
The pricing process for GHARS products is based on the Saudi Riyal
11. Compensation
User shall indemnify and hold GHARS, its affiliates, affiliates and related parties, its employees, directors, officers, customers, independent contractors, advertisers, partners and brand partners harmless against any claim or demand including payment of reasonable legal fees which any third party may make as a result For the user's behavior or dealings with the site or any of its services or the provision of the user's content or the user's failure to comply with these terms and conditions or any other violations committed by the user against the rights of any person or other party.
12. Disclaimer
The user acknowledges and assumes full responsibility for the use of the website; and any of its services or content. The services and content of the site are subject to the said policy, and the site disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether implied or express, including, but not limited to, the guarantee of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
The Site does not express or imply warrant that any part of its services will be uninterrupted, error-free, virus-free, time-limited, secure, accurate, responsible, or other quality assurance. The site does not expressly or implicitly guarantee that any content will be saved through any of the download methods. The user acknowledges that the site or any of its service employees will not provide any kind of advice or information owned by the site management, and the user bears full responsibility for its use, and the site management disclaims its full responsibility in this.

13. Limitation of Liability:
The user acknowledges that the editors of the site are not liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to damages resulting from loss of profits, good reputation, use, data or tangible losses (even if the site has been notified of the possibility of damage) Resulting from: - Use of or inability to use the Services. The cost of owning alternative products or services resulting from any transaction entered into through the Services. Unauthorized access or alteration of user data transmission. Statements or use by any third party of the Services. Any other matters related to the services.
14. Protection of rights
The site administration owns all rights, including but not limited to copyright, trademarks, patents, trade secrets or any other proprietary rights owned by GHARS belonging to the site and its content, products and services. Use of the site's rights and ownership requires the site's prior written consent. GHARS website management does not guarantee any express or implied licenses or rights for the availability of its services, and the user does not have any authority to transact business on or use its services without the prior written consent of the website.
15. Copyright infringement
If the user suspects that his property is being infringed, he can contact the GHARS Copyright Agent using the mail:
16. Conflict Resolution
In the event that the parties are unable to resolve a dispute between them within 30 days from the occurrence of the dispute, all parties shall submit the dispute to the commercial courts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the authority that has jurisdiction under the regulations and decisions in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in accordance with the laws of arbitration committees in effect during time to submit an application for arbitration. Arbitration decisions are final and binding on both parties
17. Miscellaneous:
- In the event that any of the provisions of these terms and conditions conflict with provisions issued by a court against either party, the aforementioned provision shall be interpreted according to what the original intentions of both parties reflect in accordance with the laws in force. The rest of these terms and conditions will also be applicable and valid
The failure of either party to establish any rights under these Terms and Conditions will not be considered a waiver of that party's right and such right will remain in full force and effect.
- The user acknowledges that any lawsuit or case related to or any of its services must be within six months from its filing, otherwise the aforementioned lawsuit or case will be suspended forever without consideration of any contrary legislation
- ghars will assign the rights and obligations of the site under these terms and conditions at which time ghars will be released from any additional obligations

18. Delivery and Shipping Clause:
- In the case of delivery within the city of Riyadh, the expected period for the arrival of the product is from two to three working days.
- In the case of delivery outside the city of Riyadh, the shipping will be through shipping companies, and the expected period for the arrival of the product is from three to five working days. This is according to the shipping company’s delivery policy and conditions, and we are not responsible for any delays caused by the shipping company.

19. Prices for products and services:
- The prices of seedlings do not include the price of the basin or the decorative places, but they are in ordinary agricultural basins

-All the seedlings that are displayed in the store are seedlings suitable for cultivation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the responsibility of caring for them is on the customer after they are planted or delivered.
The specifications of some seedlings may change by a certain amount, whether in height or plant density, according to availability.
- It is not possible to replace or return the seedlings after they have been planted. (See the exchange and return policy)
- The cost of planting a seedling does not include any other costs of parking lots or basins or costs of soil reclamation or cracking in the floors and when there are any extensions of soil works, it is the responsibility of the customer to inform the work team about them before starting work.
- Fees for services such as maintenance or landscaping are visit fees only and do not include any other work. After the visit, the cost of the required works is determined by the competent team.
- Periodic visits in maintenance packages for a period not exceeding two hours (and in the event of a need for a longer period, additional fees will be requested from the customer)
Guarantee of works provided in the maintenance of the irrigation network for a period of three days from its maintenance.
Maintenance of irrigation networks does not include new extensions, and is only for the current network.
- In the event that there are any ground extensions under the soil, it is the customer’s responsibility to inform the work team about them before starting the work.
The work team has the right to photograph the site before starting work and after carrying out the work within the scope of the work and its surroundings only, and to use it as advertising material and publish it in the media.
The company disclaims responsibility for any damages that may result from spraying pesticides and agricultural pesticides on the site.

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