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landscape design

Designing gardens, irrigation networks and their systems

 implementation Landscape projects:

Establishing gardens with all its elements

Operation and Maintenance:

Operating agricultural projects and providing all maintenance, follow-up and periodic care

Garden services

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Landscaping Design

  • Surveying
  • Preparing technical studies

  • Coordination and design of the site.

  • Study of water needs (designing irrigation

  • networks with hydraulic calculations)

  • Preparing tables with bill of quantity (BOQ)


Implementation Landscape Projects:

  • Reclamation and leveling of soil for the site.
  • Excavation and laying an irrigation network.
  • Construction works (lakes, corridors, pergolas, lights ... ...)
  • Planting the plant's
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Operation and periodic maintenance:

  • Soil reclamation and treatment
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of the irrigation network
  • Care for plantings (cutting, pruning, fertilizing)
  • Control of pests, fungi and agricultural diseases
  • Treatment and replacement of damaged plant's
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Pest Control

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Cut the grass

Trim trees

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Supervision and follow-up

irrigation network maintenance

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